Open Metaverse

We believe in an Open Metaverse, and we want to make sure you know what that means.

The Software

Kraken is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL, or “free software”).

This license grants people a number of freedoms:

  • You are free to use Kraken, for any purpose.
  • You are free to distribute Kraken.
  • You can study how Kraken works, and change it.
  • You can distribute your changed versions of Kraken.

The GPL strictly aims at protecting these freedoms, requiring everyone to share their modifications when they also share the software in public. That aspect is commonly referred to as Copyleft.

The source code we develop at Wabi, like Kraken, is default being licensed as GPL. Some modules we make are using more permissive licenses though, for example, SwiftUSD is available as Apache 2.0.

Your Content

What you create with Kraken is yours. We don't claim rights to any of it.

That means that Kraken can be used commercially, for example for creating movies, games, or virtual reality experiences. You can sell the content you create with Kraken. You can use the content you create with Kraken in your own projects. You can give the content you create with Kraken away. You can make changes to the content you create with Kraken. You can stop using Kraken at any time, and take your content with you.

Kraken's GNU GPL license guarantees you this freedom.